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How to Use CBD for Muscle Recovery



CBD for muscle recovery is promoted at cross-fit gyms, yoga studios, and your doctor's office for its pain-relieving benefits. Fitness enthusiasts and medical professionals are constantly researching CBD To understand the benefits of CBD for muscle pain, muscle tension, and pain relief. 

How Does CBD work?

Globally, cannabidiols are having a moment. CBD is everywhere these days and in various forms; CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD balms —even CBD cocktails. It is the leading health and wellness product today.

CBD usage has seen growing popularity amongst professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Today, we examine “Does CBD cream help sore muscles?” and “Does CBD help for muscle recovery?” 

Before you dive into a pool of CBD oil for relief, here is everything you need to know.

Are CBD Gummies Good for Back Pain?

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CBD contains natural properties, which may aid muscle recovery.  Research shows that excess inflammation can interfere with muscle recovery, increasing the risk of more severe injuries. CBD cream for back pain helps relax your body, specifically your muscles.
Everyone wants to recover as fast as possible from an intense workout or a grueling day at work. Using a CBD cream for pain relief is one of the most popular ways to use CBD, especially for muscle tension relief.
After an intense workout, the body produces cortisol—a catabolic hormone that reduces protein synthesis, preventing new tissue growth. Research shows that CBD oil was proven to regulate cortisol in your body. By reducing post-workout cortisol levels in your endocrine system, CBD allows protein synthesis and encourages muscle regeneration, lowering stress and cortisol-related side effects. Hence, CBD is good for muscle pain, as well as muscle recovery after working out. 

Does CBD Cream help sore muscles?

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After a training session, many athletes take a day off to stimulate muscle growth while accelerating their recovery processes. Professional athletes and workout enthusiasts refrain from physical activities on these rest days but may use lightweight exercises and short cardio loads for “active recovery.” Another tool to assist in muscle recovery is CBD.  CBD cream for pain is popular for athletes looking to relax and get back in the game quickly.

Is CBD a Muscle Relaxer?

Yes, CBD can act as a muscle relaxer.  CBD can help relax muscles to avoid injury and reduce muscle tension to help enhance your workout. 

Most people consider CBD oil as a post-workout supplement. However, some fitness experts have discovered that taking CBD before you work out results in a natural boost in performance while improving concentration. If you do decide to utilize the benefits of CBD before working out, make sure to consume the CBD ahead of time to maximize the benefits.

How Much CBD Do I need to Relax Muscles?


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CBD (cannabinoids) works in tandem with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Thus, CBD oil is readily absorbed in the body and is well-tolerated and low risk. You will find a growing number of people using it for muscle pain and general body wellness.  When deciding how much to take, always start small and build up.  You may need less CBD pre-workout than post-workout, as your muscles may not be as tense or inflamed.  Also, there is no set dosage for CBD; it varies by person.
The research on CBD oil is unearthing additional benefits and many reasons to add it to your post-workout recovery routine.  Research has shown that CBD creams and CBD gummies help sore muscles, and CBD gummies are good for back pain.  All in all, CBD is a popular, organic muscle relaxer. 

CBD Products for Muscle Recovery

You can start experimenting with CBD products to determine which works best for your workout routine. 

There are a variety of options to choose between.

If you prefer edibles, the easiest and most convenient way to get your CBD dosage, we suggest CBD Gummies.

Our fitness enthusiasts also love utilizing our Panacea Capsules.  CBD soft gels provide exact CBD dosing and help with pain.

For workouts, we love the CBD Roll-On Muscle and Joint Cream. You can apply it before and after a workout for pain relief, and this CBD cream is excellent for muscle pain. 


CBD offers fitness enthusiasts and chronic pain sufferers a natural and inexpensive support option for aiding muscle recovery. With anti-catabolic and pain-relieving properties, CBD gummies may provide a low-risk gentle alternative for those looking to optimize their workout, encourage muscle growth, and reduce recovery time.

Before adding CBD oil to your fitness regimen, consult your doctor to ensure the cannabinoids will not interact with any medications you may be taking.


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