Dr. Jonathan Bartell – Medical Expert at My Pain Center

Reputability is key to a successful CBD/THC business, especially one that involves an ever changing landscape and regulations.  That’s why My Pain Center has a medical professional on our team - Dr. Jonathan Bartell – a licensed cannabis pharmacist passionate about cannabinoids and how they can impact our life.

Dr. Jonathan Bartell

Medical Cannabis Pharmacist (Doctorate of Pharmacy) 

My pain Center doctor and cannabis pharmacistDr. Jonathan Bartell, PharmD. is a Medical Cannabis Pharmacist with a Doctorate of Pharmacy,  who currently resides in Pennsylvania.  Dr. Bartell received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree with a minor in Chemistry from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

For the past three years, Dr. Bartell has been a Medical Cannabis Pharmacist with Justice Grown Cannabis Company in Kingston, Pennsylvania, a multi-state operation.  At Justice Grown, Dr. Bartell performs patient consults which include individualized treatment plans and consultations on the proper and safe use of medical cannabis. A strong proponent of medical cannabis, Dr. Bartell enjoys educating others about cannabis (CBD and THC) and its therapeutic properties. He joined the My Pain Center team in 2023, as an in-house medical reviewer of CBD and THC products.  

In addition, Dr. Bartell has served as an inpatient clinical pharmacist for over 5 years and has experience treating patients within the Oncology, NICU, Pediatric, ICU, Telemetry, Mental Health, and Medical/Surgical units.  Dr. Bartell also serves as the lead consultant and antimicrobial specialist for a local Pennsylvania nursing home and has experience managing medications in our elderly population.  Dr. Bartell currently resides in Pittston, Pennsylvania with his 2 children.  Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his children, traveling with his girlfriend, coaching his son’s baseball/football teams, and weight training.  

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