Lab Test Results

Delta 8 Gummy:

D8 GMY Raspberry Kush - Indica

D8 GMY Strawberry Fields - Indica

D8 GMY Berry White - Indica

D8 GMY Cherry Garcia - Sativa

D8 GMY Orange Crush - Sativa

D8 GMY Green Apple - Sativa

D8 GMY Blue Watermelon - Sativa

D8 GMY Chemicals/Pesticides report


Delta 8 Gummy Rings with CBD:

Blue Raspberry

Green Apple



Delta 8 Infused Gummies 1000mg:



High Hopes Delta 8-THC Gummies (50mg):

Totally Tropical


Delta 8 Vape Carts:

Mango Kush - Indica

Birthday Cake - Indica

Grandaddy Purp - Indica

Fruity Pebbles - Indica

Pineapple Express - Sativa

Jungle Juice - Sativa

Blue Dream - Sativa

D8 Vape Cart Chemicals/Pesticides report

HoneyRoot Wedding Cake - Hybrid

HoneyRoot Skittles - Indica

HoneyRoot Pineapple Kush - Sativa


Delta 8 Disposable Vapes:

Delta 8 Disposable HIVE Pineapple Kush

Delta 8 Disposable HIVE Zkittles


Delta 8 Gel Capsules:

Delta 8 Gel Capsules 750mg


Delta 8 DRP Tinctures:

Monkey Mints - Indica

Colada - Sativa

Kona Koffee - Hybrid


Delta 8 Shisha:

Mighty Mint

Just Peachy



Delta 8 Balls



Delta 8 Flavored Drink Mix:

Pink Lemonade

Tangerine Lime


Delta 9 Gummy:

Delta 9 Infused Gummy 


Delta 9 Flavored Drink Mix:

Strawberry Daiquiri


DX Gummy: 

DX GMY Strawberry Frost - Sativa

DX GMY Cherry Dooku - Indica


Delta 10 Disposable Vape:

Delta 10 Disposable HIVE 24K


CBD Gummies:

RA Royal Peach Rings

RA Royal Gummy Bears

RA Royal Sour Bears

RA Royal Watermelon

RA Royal Strawberry Drops

RA Royal Sour Twin Cherries

RA Royal Peppermints 

JustCBD Sugar Free Gummies

Tillman's Tranquils Watermelon Broad Spectrum

Tillman's Tranquils Orange CBD:CBG


CBD Topical Creams:

ActivFit Recovery and Massage Gel 500mg


CBD Capsules:

Panacea Daily Softgel 25mg

Panacea Daily Softgel 50mg